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New: summer online seminar – Hit the 7th grade running

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Join our winning team for summer activities with our future 7th graders.

Take a free trial lesson or sign up for the full online summer course using the form below.

The lessons are held through the google meet platform, for 2 lessons from 10:00 a.m., a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes.



3.7 - units of measurement and proportions
4.7 - equations, problems with unknowns

17.7 - working with rational numbers, module
18.7 - exponentiation, standard notation and the Pythagorean theorem

31.7 - modeling with equations: practical and curious problem


1.8 - modeling with equations: movement, work

14.8 - Probability and Statistics, Graphs, Charts and Data
15.8 - sets, coordinate system

28.8 - circles
29.8 - three-dimensional bodies and volume: prism, pyramid, sphere and cone


11.9 - general tasks, preparation for entry level
12.9 - what is the exam after the 7th grade, example (abbreviated) test and discussion

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