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Applied education in Bulgaria is becoming more and more popular and useful –

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The Academy of Applied Education “Sindeo” aims to help teachers to apply knowledge and skills immediately after learning. Theodora Dimitrova and…

The Sindeo Applied Education Academy aims to help teachers apply knowledge and skills immediately after learning. Teodora Dimitrova and Angel Georgiev, the founders of the academy, aim to help teachers implement more interactive ways of teaching, as well as more engaging testing and assessment methods that motivate students to acquire knowledge itself. The use of technology is also a big factor in the school’s ideology. This is what the co-founders of the “Sindeo” academy, Teodora Dimitrova and Angel Georgiev , said in the program “In development” on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria with presenter Veronika Denisova .

The Academy strives to help bring innovations in technology and implement them in the classroom to create an innovative and motivating environment for every student. Starting for free and without advertising, just out of interest in social networks, over 350 enthusiastic teachers decided to give a chance to upgrade their knowledge. This is a perfect indicator of the dedication of some professionals to their students and their work.

The founders, Teodora Dimitrova and Angel Georgiev, are professionals who have been teaching and conducting training for a long time, who strive to skillfully select the practical knowledge they have accumulated in order to pass it on to others.

The academy offers a variety of topics and courses, the first of which, Introduction to the Classroom, helps teachers build a relationship between themselves and students that helps each one learn more easily and deal with the material in an enjoyable and useful way.

“We showed the Bulgarian teacher how he can be creative even in creating tests” – said Teodora Dimitrova.

From the autumn, the academy will also create a course for young teachers who will now enter the classrooms.

The improvement of qualification skills is mandatory according to Bulgarian legislation. That is why all courses of the academy are credited. In order to successfully complete each one enrolled, it is necessary to take an exam, most often a project, therefore how to teach in a specific class. “The prepared material can be applied the next day,” commented Angel Georgiev.

The academy strives for detailed feedback, with many teachers who have tried once returning to further build on their knowledge and skills gained from Sindeo.

The institution also offers the building of a teaching career, and anyone who wishes can enroll in a nine-month course to turn any enthusiast into a real teacher. This project also includes an internship to feel the atmosphere of teaching and to gain real experience that will be useful in the future. The Academy is also working on an agreement with schools to also assist the innovative project.

The variety of teachers is not only from Bulgaria, but also from the world, which helps to borrow experience from different places, with different needs of students.

The maxim of the academy is that “the earth is illuminated by the Sun, and man by knowledge”. According to the founders of the academy, the educational future is getting brighter in Bulgaria.

How do students respond to this type of education? What are the most useful tips we can use to motivate children to pursue real, practical knowledge?

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