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Education and business have a common problem

Education and business have a common problem – an acute shortage of personnel – Bgonair
… Education 2024″ that modern specialties are integrated, at that not only within the university. IU-Varna this year reveals 5 new …

Blue Bulgaria: Ensuring quality education for children is
first and foremost…
Children are the wealth and future of Bulgaria. Today, Bulgarian children do not they receive sufficient quality and modern education and care from the state.

INACTIVE READY ! Higher education in the US more affordable: Colleges are getting out of

New TV
In the United States, community colleges traditionally award degrees to completed two years of education or certificates of successful completion courses, …

NRA: High school graduates who have not started work, yes
Students who have completed their secondary education this year and are graduated, but did not start work immediately, they have to import themselves …

They are preparing two projects related to higher education – Latest News from DNES.BG
Galin Tsokov during his online participation in a seminar on the topic “Challenges to the development of higher education in Bulgaria”, he wrote

Metropolitan education is heading headlong towards nowhere – Labor Labor
… months since the administration of Mayor Terziev in Sofia, there is a third chief of
the Municipal Directorate “Education”. This is the most correct path for b.

Nadezhda Koseva Yordanova-Ramdan: Quality education and innovations in the business
Standard news
He completed his secondary education at the Georgi Kirkov Secondary School in Plovdiv (today EG
“Plovdiv”). She graduated from the University of Economics – Varna, degree: master,


Websites frozen in the past – an indicator of the level of Bulgarian education
Bloomberg TV Bulgaria
Sergey Venkov, manager of the “For the Family and Children”
Foundation, in UpDate,

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