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RUO-Silistra: Everything about the submission of

RUO-Silistra: Everything about the submission of applications for ranking for high schools and…
Quorum Silistra
The document is applied for and issued by a commission in the RUO. METHOD OF SUBMISSION OF
APPLICATIONS: Parents can submit applications in 2 ways: 1.

The submission of applications for participation in the ranking for admission to the high schools
The RUO notes that for the professional classes it is necessary to have a medical certificate issued by the student’s general practitioner. “ …

Angelina Kostova from RUO: Seventh-graders should take more classes – BNR BNR
Angelina Kostova from RUO: Seventh graders should take more classes. published on 07/06/23 at 13:23. Ministryof education and science. Photo …

The head of the RUO dismissed the problem in the High School in Dupnitsa, while the pataklam…
We addressed specific questions to Stoycheva, to which we received, however administrative reference regarding the way of work in the RUO. The questions hang
what is …

Pazardzhik summarized the results of the Higher Education Institution in Literature and Mathematics of the 10th grade
| PZdnes
The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science – Pazardzhik summarized the results of the Higher Secondary Education in Literature and Mathematics
of the Xth grade. 38 Views July 09, 2023 No comments.

A school will not enroll students if their uniforms are not paid promptly GlasNews
RUO does not think that wearing uniforms is necessaryto happen under pressure’ commented Gergana Vasileva from RUO – Vratsa. Although they are a principal of…

Teachers from 11 districts participated in a pedagogical forum in Strelcha – Maritsa
RUO – Pazardzhik hosted the XVII National Pedagogical Readings under title „Let’s keep the smile at school“, which took place from 26 to 2…

Race to climb the stairs to the national temple-monument
The initiative is of the Regional Administration – Gabrovo and RUO – Gabrovo. She is
held in connection with the national celebrations of the 146th anniversary of …

Accepting applications for first ranking in8th grade – Television Shumen Shumen TV
This was announced by RUO – Shumen. Submitting an application within the specified period is
important, since with this application one participates in the 1st and 2nd stage of ranking …

The campaign for admission after grade 7 has started – Plovdiv24.bg Plovdiv24.bg
RUO – Plovdiv is preparing for the admission campaign after 7th grade, announced on
briefing the chief of inspector…

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