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Solving the AI education crisis

AI is tutoring and teaching students, reshaping the classroom landscape – USA Today
USA Today
AI educational tools are helping students with their ABC’s and SATs. But can they replace teachers?

Use of AI in education: Deciding on the future we want | UNESCO UNESCO
Artificial intelligence tools are being deployed rapidly in education systems across the globe. As much as they offer immense opportunities to …

Opinion | A.I. Can Be Really Dumb. But It’s Still a Good Tutor. – The New York Times
The New York Times
can custom-make lessons based on each student’s ability, learning style and even outside interests. For example, imagine teaching ratios by showing a …

Artificial intelligence is the teaching tool we’ve been waiting for – District Administration
District Administration
By demystifying artificial intelligence, we can help educators better understand how to leverage it to scale personalized learning.

Finding A Home For AI In The K-12 Curriculum – Forbes
This article comes from a recent conversation with Bill Salak, CTO/COO of Brainly, whose AI Learning Companion is used by 15 million students each day …

How AI tutoring personalizes learning for students – eSchool News eSchool News
Emerging artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a powerful driving force behind educational technology, fundamentally shifting educational dynamics …

Squirrel Ai Explores Potential of Large Language Models in Education at Premier AI for …
TOKYO, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – The 24th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) took place in July 2023 in Tokyo, …

3 Steps to Building a Culture of Learning and Innovation Around AI | Built In
Built In
Embed AI as a strategic pillar. Promote acceptance, learning and innovation. Don’t overlook soft skills.

Google is using its Gemini AI to boost education platforms | TechRadar TechRadar
Google has announced Gemini Education, a new generative AI suite designed to cater to the needs of learning facilities and students.

Formation Upskills Displaced Tech Workers With AI-Driven Education – Forbes Forbes
Formation’s adaptable learning system harnesseses AI to dynamically create courses and cohorts allowing engineers to upskill in pursuit of career …

Solving the AI education crisis | Aditya Dewan | TEDxColumbia Lake Youth – YouTube
Young minds possess immense potential for scientific-humanitarian progress, waiting to be unlocked by the right teaching methodologies. AI …

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