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Nevada Math and Technology Program

Nevada Math and Technology Program | College of Education and Human Development
University of Nevada, Reno
The Nevada Math and Technology Program at the University of Nevada, Reno helps to increase childrens knowledge, skills and confidence in …

Family game night may also be sculpting kids’ math abilities, study shows – CNN
Playing games that rely on counting and addition can help young kids build math skills, experts said. supersizer/E+/Getty Images. Editor’s Note: Sign …

Board Games Could Be a Win for Your Kid’s Math Skills – USNews.com USNews.com
Most of the studies focused on the relationship between board games and mathematicalskills. The children each received special board game sessions …

Here’s how board games help boost some math skills – YouTube YouTube
Pull the game boxes out of the closet as new research suggests family game night may offer your family more than just a fun evening.

A sample of public comments on math framework – EdSource
Fourth-grade students in a math class at San Francisco’s Redding Elementary School. The California School Board received nearly 600 comments on …

Next, maybe last, big test for California’s controversial math framework – EdSource
Critics worry a de-emphasis on direct instruction and mathfluency, like times tables, will hinder students’ ability to progress to algebra. Data …

Family game nights boost children’s math skills, 20 years of studies suggest – KTVZ
“Board games enhance mathematical abilities for young children,” Jaime Balladares of Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile in Santiago, Chile, who …

CMSE Addresses Teacher Shortage with Middle Math Endorsement Pathway Ole Miss News
Created in 2021, the institutes serve a crucial role in minimizing the number of middle school math teacher vacancies in Mississippi by familiarizing …

Former Central Bucks math teacher faces corruption of a minor charge The Bucks County Herald
A Central Buckshigh school math teacher was recently charged with allegedly engaging in inappropriate communication with a minor, according to …

23 Years of Research Says Board Games Boost Math Ability – Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment
Key Points: Board games based on numbers, like Monopoly, make children better at mathematics. Study results showed that math skills improved …

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