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Amid war, what does the future of education look like in Gaza?

Amid war, what does the future of education look like in Gaza? – NPR NPR
NPR’s Leila Fadel speaks with UNICEF’s Ricardo Pires about the destruction of Gaza’s education system and its effect on children there.

Academic Success and Life Skill Development with the 2Hr Learning Model – MarketScale
On The Future of Education, MacKenzie Price highlights how the 2hr Learning Model revolutionizes education by integrating academic mastery with …

Use of AI in education: Deciding on the future we want | UNESCO UNESCO
Artificial intelligence tools are being deployed rapidly in education systems across the globe. As much as they offer immense opportunities to …

The new landscape of digital learning: 2024 and beyond | The Independent The Independent
Thought Industries is a Business Reporter client. Trends and Innovations in the Future of Digital Training. Right now, the learning industry is at …

Student Research Conference Explores “The Future of Education” – UM Today UM Today – University of Manitoba
… education and envision the future of teaching, learning, researching, and theorizing in education. Some of the topics presented range from …

Anticipate Need and Teach Success – ATD
… Future of Learning (or Growth) Is Everywhere.” “All of our experiences to date are holding us back,” advised Martin (referring to talent …

AI Has Upped The Ante On Durable Skills – Forbes
I write about the future of learning, work and economic mobility. Following Follow. Click to save this article. You’ll be asked to sign into your …

At this middle school, students teach each other. Is this new model the future of education?
Arizona Daily Sun
Gilroy Prep’s Squads model has students teaching each other under teacher supervision, boosting collaboration, soft skills, test scores and …

Excellence in Action: Lessons from the 2023 Yass Prize Winner – MarketScale MarketScale
In this episode of The Future of Education, Jeanne Allen and Anthony Brock discuss how the Yass Prize promotes educational innovation and supports …

Recasting Higher Education As A National Strategic Asset – Forbes Forbes
National councils and commissions on higher education reforms to meet emerging and future needs are not new. Neither are challenges to higher …

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