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From the math olympiads to

From math Olympiads to the pinnacle of gaming – bTV Media Group bTV
Advertising. From math olympiads to the pinnacle of electronic games – meeting with Vaklin Petkov, who turns gaming into work. See the conversation with


Mihail Krastev: The students of the „Pythagoras“ School of Mathematics are yet to
This is how the First Private Mathematical High School appeared – the first private one
mathematics school in Bulgaria, and „Pythagoras“ School of Mathematics.

Students from SU won gold and silver medals at the Olympics
mathematics in … – Work
The competition took place from March 3 to 8 in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan (Open Mathematical Olympiad for University Students OMOUS). More than participated in it
500 …

Valcho Milchev published a seventh book on mathematics – Arda News Arda news
Slaveykov“ www.slaveykov.bg, where Valcho Milchev has a blog on mathematics, at address: https://www.slaveykov.bg/index.php/pages/Valcho-Milchev/Valcho-

THE GOOD NEWS! The Department of Mathematics of SSU organizes a free … STRUMA newspaper
Rilski“ has students who follow „pure“ mathematics, but the ambitions are yes attract more motivated young people. This issue was touched upon and…

Vidin hosts a strong mathematical competition – News – BNR
The mathematics competition will start on March 16 at PPMG „Exarch Antim I“ Vidin with the participation of 97 students from V to XII grades. The competition topics are…

The retired Deputy Minister of Education Emilia Lazarova was a guest of discovered … – BTA
Kliment Ohridski“. Mathematics teacher Danail Raykov uses
a variety of digital content in the lessons, which binds as well as the new ones …

The Kardzhali mathematician Valcho Milchev published his seventh book, this time in

„Morning“ newspaper
… mathematics under his leadership at „P.R. Saveikov“ Secondary School in Kurdzhali. Valcho Milchev is a mathematician by education and has been for many years

Vidin hosts a regional math tournament „Vidin – Montana – Vratsa – Botevgrad“
The regional math tournament is jointly organized by the four educational institutions and the Faculty of Mathematics and
Informatics (FMI) of Sofia


World Pi Day – Curious – BNR News
Mathematically, Pi is the ratio of the length of a circle to its own diameter. Known to us from math classes as „3.14“, this number …

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