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Using Math to Analyze the Supreme Court

Using Math to Analyze the Supreme Court Reveals an Intriguing Pattern – Politico Politico
But our new mathematical analysis of the court’s decisions from the 2022-2023 session shows just how much it makes sense to think of this Supreme …

Teachers Are Evenly Divided on the Best Way to Teach Math – Education Week Education Week
Educators are divided as to whether students learn math best through procedures or from solving real-world problems.

Thurgood Marshall Elementary’s Math Museum – Seattle Public Schools Seattle Public Schools
This innovative project, created by math specialist and levy coordinator Donna Duarte, revolutionizes math education by providing its students with a …

To Engage Students in Math, Educators Try Connecting it to Their Culture – The 74
The 74
‘Ethnomathematics’ proponents argue that math instruction is overly abstract and disconnected from student experience. Teachers in the University …

How we can understand our universe through math – Astronomy Magazine Astronomy Magazine
Mathematics can help us imagine the cosmos around us in new ways and pave the path to new discoveries. … Albert Einstein was …

Journal Highlights Math Research by Professor and Student | Bowdoin College Bowdoin College
Evelyn Wallace ’22 and Chris Chong. Wallace majored in biochemistry and math and is completing a master’s degree in applied mathematics at Columbia …

The Gravity of Math: How Geometry Rules the Universe – Astronomy Magazine Astronomy Magazine
This is an excerpt from The Gravity of Math: How Geometry Rules the Universe by Steve Nadis and Shing-Tung Yau.

SPS’ curriculum uses new method to make math understandable – Springfield Daily Citizen
Springfield Daily Citizen
Just like in other forms of math, 2 plus 2 equals 4 in Illustrative Mathematics. What makes it different is the angle of approach.

Top 10 Challenges to Teaching Math and Science Using Real Problems – Education Week
Education Week
Nine in ten educators believe that using a problem-solving approach to teaching math and science can be motivating for students, according to an …

Lack of fluency in math poses a threat to our region’s economic future Federal News Network
The problem is that math skills, especially in the area’s younger generations, are sorely lacking. The deficit is particularly pronounced among K-12 …

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The Foundation of Mathematics – Numberphile – YouTube
Set theorist Asaf Karagila discusses the foundation of mathematics. More links & stuff in full description below ↓↓↓ Asaf is a UKRI Future …

Graduate Program | Department of Mathematics – UW Math – University of Washington
The Department of Mathematics offers a PhD and several Master’s degrees. We have about 90 graduate students, and we typically admit 15-20 each …

Getting Started Videos – Videos – Resources – hand2mind
Picture of Daily Math Fluency Intervention kit representing where you can click to watch the video · Getting Started with Math Fluency Intervention.

Math Toys | Toys”R”Us
Shop math toys today on Toys”R”Us. We have all the latest toys and accessories your little one could ask for. Shop online Today!

MCM, Mathematical Contest in Modeling
MCM, Mathematical Contest in Modeling. The Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications, COMAP, administers several competitions in applied …

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