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Some of the reviews from parents for Sofia-Math and Dr. Dimitar Mehandjiev:

Е. Stoimenova

"We are very satisfied with Dimitar. My son is quite bad at math, but thanks to him he gradually began to understand and "float". He has an individual approach to each child."

J. Gaidardji

There is a lot to learn throughout our life 🙂 As a teacher, I learned a lot from Mr. Mekhanjiev. He managed to achieve outstanding results! The approach and strategies he uses are telling. Children who used to feel insecure about maths now solve problems skillfully and without worries with pleasure. I am grateful to know the man and the teacher Dimitar Mekhanjiev. I recommend!

M. Savova

My daughter and I are extremely impressed with Dimitar's professionalism and attitude. He turns every lesson into a fun game that makes you fall in love with math!

A. Manov

A great teacher with an individual approach to each child:) I managed to "make" two children fall in love with mathematics 🙂 I RECOMMEND !!

I. Balabanov

He easily adapts his teaching style to the needs of each child. Always calm and responsive.

N. Kirova

Impressive teachers with own approach, looking for a way to each child!

T. Marinova

Mr. Mekhanjiev is genuinely excited about the success of each child. It is pleasant and interesting to study with him.

I. Ivanov

They were able to spark the flame of my son's math, who was very reluctant to solve problems when he was younger.

Stanislava E.

A wonderful teacher, very balanced, calm and with an individual approach to each child. I recommend!