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One-time aid for students in Bulgaria

A certificate from a school for student aid is only required for … Ministry of Labor and Social Policy
Student aid is paid in two installments of BGN 150 each – at the beginning of the first
and the second term, in case the child continues his studies.

Parents of students from 1. to 4. and in 8. grade can submit documents for one-time assistance
Parents of students from 1. to 4. and in 8. grade can submit documents for one-time help ✔️ See details on by author OFFNews.

BGN 300 for students: How are applications submitted, when is the aid granted? bTV News
for students enrolled in first through eighth grade and continuing students their studies in the second, third and fourth grades. Funds are disbursed…

One-time aid for students in Bulgaria: How to get BGN 300 by 15 October?
Applications for granting a one-time permit must be submitted by October 15 at the latest
aid of BGN 300 for students enrolled in the first and eighth grades, and for students …

Bulgarian students returned with 6 medals from the Balkan Olympiad mathematics
24 hours
Our national team performed excellently in the Balkan Olympics mathematics for participants up to 15 and a half years. Six Bulgarian students …

21 Plovdiv students have been nominated for the “National
The most are the honorees from MG “Acad. Kiril Popov” – 11. The other nominees are from EG “Plovdiv” – 7 students, from the National Commercial High School – 2 and …

Students from Varna created a “smart” box for growing vegetables –
Enterprising 10th graders from “Dr. Peter Beron” MG manage to invent the products Smart Field, Smart Pond and Smart Field Plus, which works with …

Bulgarian students won medals at the Balkan Youth Olympiad in mathematics
Objects |
Six Bulgarian students returned from Turkey with six medals from this year’s competition, which took place between June 25 and 30 in Antalya, reported by…

Students attacked and robbed an elderly man in the Sea Garden in Varna
Two students attacked an elderly man in the Sea Garden and through pulling out, they took away his backpack, which contained a phone, bank and personal cards


Famous athletes and students join the charity… – Maritsa
Famous athletes, students, teachers are involved in the charity campaign for the treatment of 47-year-old Dobi Cheperigova from Radinovo. She is …

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