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Mathematicians Accidentally Found a New Way to Represent Pi

Mathematicians Accidentally Found a New Way to Represent Pi – Science Alert Science Alert
… mathematician Arnab Priya Saha. “All we were doing was studying high-energy physics in quantum theory and trying to develop a model with
fewer and …

Unique shape maintains constant width irrespective of dimensions – Interesting Engineering
Interesting Engineering
Shape with constant width irrespective of dimensions amazes mathematicians … Andriy Prymark, a mathematician at the University of Manitoba and co …

Miserable mathematician says Aberdeen Airbnb next door has ‘driven him to drink’
Press and Journal
An Aberdeen mathematician has claimed noisy neighbours in the Airbnb next door is “driving him to drink” as he can’t focus in his study.

50 years of Penrose tilings | Nature Reviews Physics
50 years ago Roger Penrose described a set of aperiodic tilings, now named after him, that have fascinated artists, mathematicians and physicists …

‘We need to fight for a world that Alan Turing would have wanted to live in’ – MSN
Alan Turing’s legacy has been thrown into sharp focus as the UK defends against cyber attacks from autocratic regimes. The gifted mathematician was at …

Physicists Accidentally Discover A Whole New Way To Write Pi | IFLScience IFLScience
… mathematicians and scientists. And the best … mathematician and astronomer Madhava of Sangamagrama – but arrived at through entirely different means.

“The ‘Putin system’ is beginning to collapse” – MSN
Mathematician and philosopher Immanuel Niven’s statements are supported by a close analysis of Russia’s economic situation.

Akli Fundo is elected rector/ A descendant of mathematicians, in the direction of the “Polytechnic”.
Today he is also a mathematician and a mathematics lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Tirana. He holds scientific degrees and pedagogical …

Dedham’s Essex Rose Tearoom planning application approved – Colchester Gazette
Colchester Gazette
… mathematician. Permission has been granted for The Essex Rose Tearoom in Dedham to place a blue plaque on the building. It will be for mathematician …

Kathleen Poikonen Obituary – Elizabethtown, KY – Dignity Memorial Dignity Memorial
Kay worked 37 years as a computer programmer and accomplished mathematician for the Automotive Big Three; General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford Motor …

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