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Khan Academy Founder Sal Khan on the Future of Learning

Khan Academy Founder Sal Khan on the Future of Learning – Microsoft Microsoft
Khan Academy Founder Sal Khan on the Future of Learning. AI will be our most effective, least judgmental tutor. But humans have their work cut out


AI and the future of work and learning – Business Reporter
Business Reporter
Future courses should offer greater flexibility, providing tailored training programmes that allow workers to regularly update their skills and learn …

Rethinking College Education In An AI Work Future – Forbes
… future of learning, living and working. Skilled trades offer a compelling alternative. Trade schools often provide debt-free or low-cost education …

The Future of Education: How AI PCs can Transform Teaching – FE News FE News
Louise Quennell discusses how AI-enabled PCs are revolutionising education by assisting teachers with administrative tasks, personalised resources …

Online professional education works for complex topics – ScienceDaily ScienceDaily
… teaching in university education, but can certainly be seen as a complementary tool. The future of teaching and learning may lie … Impactful …

‘Fundamentally Changing the Conditions’ for Teaching – Education Week Education Week
Teaching & Learning … future careers, yet more than one-third (37 … Lauraine Langreo is an Education Week staff writer, covering education technology …

The future of advanced learning | Podcast | The Critic Magazine The Critic
Professor Jeremy Black and Graham Stewart discuss the future of higher education. How can institutions be more efficient and effective?

6 factors for mapping the future of student success – Inside Higher Ed Inside Higher Ed
In light of recent pressures on higher education, EAB and the American Council on Education offer six factors for higher education leaders to be …

‘AI Can Be A Hugely Democratizing Tool’: Wendy Kopp Discusses Future Of Education
Kopp of Teach for All discusses leadership skills, empowering disadvantaged communities through education, and the role of AI in education.

Learning Insights: Regina Dunning embraces a growth mindset in corporate learning
Chief Learning Officer
What excites you the most about the future of workplace learning, and how are you preparing your organization to adapt to the changing landscape?

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