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future of learning – weekly


Industry leaders predict the future of learning at the ET Now 2024 Global

The pace of technological advancement has made concepts like reskilling, upskilling, and lifelong learning very pertinent for India’s working …

Colleges need a deliberate online strategy to better serve first-generation
Higher Ed Dive
The future of learning is online, but higher ed leaders won’t meet this …
Excellent teaching: Whereas in-person learning requires that faculty …

Looking to the Future of Online Learning with Key Takeaways from
Thinkific’s 2024 Trends Report
Digital Information World
What does online education look like in the era of AI? How can creators
monetize with brand deals drying up? Is the creator economy going to come


The Future Of Jobs: 6 Essential Skills For The Next Decade – Forbes
Digital Literacy · Emotional Intelligence (EI) · Flexibility · Leadership
and Social Influence · Continuous Learning and Self-Development ·
Interpersonal …

The Future of Homework: How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing
South Florida Caribbean News
Homework has long been a fundamental aspect of education, allowing students
to reinforce their learning outside of the classroom.

TCEA 2024: Immersive Ed Tech for the Modern Classroom Engages K–12 Students
EdTech Magazine
… future-focused learning. A mix of hardware and software products, many
… future of learning right rail · modern collaboration right rail · future
of …

AI Transform Lesson Building by Generating Creative and Interactive
Content, Thereby …
… future of learning and teaching? How can AI redefine the traditional
educational paradigm without compromising the authenticity and quality of


EdTech and Smart Classroom Market towards a USD 498.5 Billion by 2032 |
CAGR of 15.0%
Yahoo Finance
The integration of technology in education is expected to play a pivotal
role in shaping the future of learning and teaching. Download Exclusive …

Leveraging generative AI for future-proof student assessment – University
World News
University World News
Much less has been made of the exciting possibilities that this technology
offers educators in generating bespoke learning resources and offering …

AI needs outpacing new job creation in higher ed, report finds – EdScoop
… future careers in teaching and learning spaces. The report surveyed
more than 1,000 professionals in positions related to teaching and learning


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