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SmartTest: an app to put an end to cheating in school

Bulgarian has created an app to end copying and prompting at school. Students will no longer be able to help each other with chat
gpt by …

App puts an end to copying in school – Diary
A Bulgarian has created an app that puts an end to transcribing during
control at school. “SmartTest” automatically creates countless variants of …

A Bulgarian developed an application to stop copying at school – 24
24 hours
The new app can put an end to transcribing and hinting in
school. And students will no longer be able to help each other with chat gpt during time
on …

Over 30 people died in an Israeli attack on a UN school –
Israeli strike on school-turned-refuge in central Gaza
killed at least 30 people, including five children.

Two modes for using phones at school –
Every school “judges for itself”, and parents rebel. Total ban on
carrying mobile phones in schools was recently introduced in Greece. This…

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in the school in Haskovo they increase the results with trial matriculation exams
Later, Deputy Minister Lazarova joined the celebration of the 150th anniversary
anniversary of “Hristo Botev” Primary School in Levka village, Svilengrad municipality. IN


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