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5 Books On AI In Education And Why You Should Read Them

5 Books On AI In Education And Why You Should Read Them – Forbes

AI For Educators By Matt Miller ·
Brave New Worlds by Salman Khan ·
Practical AI Strategies By Leon Furze ·
Teaching with AI By Jose Antonio
Bowen And C.

AI is getting very popular among students and teachers, very quickly – CNBC CNBC
New research from a poll of students, teachers and parents conducted for the Walton Foundation finds the popularity and use of AI in education …

AI Features Are Coming to iPhones and Macs. What It Means for Schools – Education Week
Education Week
… AI products that can be used by students and teachers. Google is providing its generative AI tool as an add-on for educational institutions using …

What can states do to prepare schools for AI? | K-12 Dive
K-12 Dive
The ILO Group released a new framework to help state education agencies craft guidance and policies for schools around the use of AI in classrooms.

Why We Should Embrace (and Not Fear) AI in Education | Entrepreneur Entrepreneur
Here’s how AI can prepare students and professionals for a future of unparalleled efficiency and personalized learning.

Artificial intelligence, used by NASA and neurosurgeons, could remake education | Fox News
Fox News
Alex Galvagni, CEO of Age of Learning, began his career in artificial intelligence with NASA in the 1990s. He told Fox News Digital that recent …

Teachers Believe AI Can Boost Classroom Creativity and Support Learning, Survey Finds
Walton Family Foundation
As new tools show AI’s emerging potential, educators are eager to learn how to better use the technology to boost student achievement.

6 free, beginner-level AI courses from LinkedIn Learning – Fast Company Fast Company
Whether you’re curious about artificial intelligence but don’t know where to start or you’re already itching to harness the power of AI in your …

Why AI in the classroom needs its own ‘doll test’ 70 years post-Brown – eSchool News
eSchool News
AI chatbots students use could become the new face of discrimination in education–they have the potential to exacerbate existing bias.

The Role Of Generative AI In Higher Education – Forbes
Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming all industries, including the nonprofit and educational sectors. In particular, generative AI (GenAI) …

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