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Yes, AI could profoundly disrupt

Yes, AI could profoundly disrupt education. But maybe that’s not a bad thing | Rose Luckin
The Guardian
AI has been used in education for more than a decade. AI-powered systems, such as Carnegie Learning or Aleks, can analyse student responses to …

AI and the next digital divide in education | Brookings
Brookings Institution
Michael Trucano discusses AI in educationand the potential for a third wave of … role and impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in education.

Harvard grad: A.I. won’t ‘foster educational resilience’ | Fortune Fortune
Entrepreneur Nadya Okamoto says using A.I. for schoolwork can stunt … grad worries A.I. ‘is not in any way fostering educational resilience’—but …

Instead of banning AI, schools should use it to enhance learning | Letters | The Guardian
The Guardian
Instead of hopelessly racing to detect people using AI, why not encourage educational uses that advance learning and teach skills? Amedeo Bettauer

How AI Can Help Educators Test Whether Their Teaching Materials Work | EdSurge News
The system, which harnesses AI, recently won first place in the annual XPrize Digital Learning Challenge, which boasts a purse of $1 million split …

Using AI with students starts with digital literacy | K-12 Dive K-12 Dive
Wikipedia’s rise offers a good analogy, said Danny Liu, associate professor and member of the Educational Innovation team at the University of Sydney …

Revolutionizing Education: AI and ChatGPT Enhance Personalized Learning for Students
CXO Today
CXOToday has engaged in exclusive interview with Ravi Bhushan, Founder & CEO, BrightCHAMPS How can AI and ChatGPT enhance personalized learning …

The Transformative Power of Generative AI in Education Technology – Express Computer
Express Computer
By Ritvik Kulshreshtha, CEO and MD, Extramarks Education. Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the education technology (EdTech) landscape …

Embracing the Transformative Influence of Generative AI | EdSurge News EdSurge
As educators, we know the potential that artificial intelligence (AI) has for … For educational institutions, embracing generative AI not only …

AI in the Classroom: New Guidance From the Department of Education | Texas Lawyer
However, the Office of Educational Technology also highlighted the risks inherent in AI-based tools, which schools and educators must address. The …

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