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What Makes for ‘Good’ Mathematics?

What Makes for ‘Good’ Mathematics? | Quanta Magazine
Quanta Magazine
Terence Tao, who has been called the “Mozart of Mathematics,” wrote an essay in 2007 about the common ingredients in “good” mathematical research.

How String Theory Solved Math’s Monstrous Moonshine Problem – Scientific American
Scientific American
In other words, it began to seem that there really could be a link between two seemingly unrelated areas of mathematics. At this point the math …

20 films about math, mathematicians and math geniuses – Yardbarker Yardbarker
20 films about math, mathematicians and math geniuses · „Stand and Deliver“ (1988) · „A Brief History of Time“ (1991) · „Sneakers“ (1992) · „Infinity“ …

Math Gap Between Rich and Poor in Connecticut Widens, Despite Infusion of Federal Dollars
CT Examiner
But that did little to address the seven months of math instruction that these same students lost during the pandemic. An earlier report from the same …

Opinion | End useless math requirements – The Washington Post The Washington Post
The trouble with schools is too much math. By Travis Meier. Editor, Opinions. February 6, 2024 at 6:15 a.m. EST. A math class in Fall River, Mass., in …

AITO: Math in Economics, Objectivity or Oversimplification? – The Daily Nexus
The Daily Nexus
Devin Gowdy and Sury Dongre debate the importance of math for economics majors.

Math Tracking Starts as Early as Elementary School, a New Study Finds – Education Week
Education Week
When and Where Are Students Tracked in Math? Percentage of principals in schools serving grades K–5 and 6–8 reporting whether, and how, students are …

Counting Nemo? Clownfish may be capable of simple math | Science | AAAS Science
Clownfish may be capable of simple math. Study suggests the animals can add up stripes on other fish, though some experts are skeptical. 1 Feb 2024 …

Discipline referrals down, math scores up in District 65 – Evanston RoundTable
Evanston RoundTable
Data on student performance, discipline and wellbeing during the fall of 2023 is now available, and District 65 saw big gains in math.

`Math is All Around Us,’ FCPS Teacher Uses Football to Teach Pythagorean Theorem …
Fairfax County Public Schools
Mantua ES math teacher Paul Malc teaches a lesson on the Pythagorean Theorem. “The question is how far did that ball travel?” Malc asks his students, …

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DeepSeekMath: Pushing the Limits of Mathematical Reasoning in Open Language Models
In this paper, we introduce DeepSeekMath 7B, which continues pre-training DeepSeek-Coder-Base-v1.5 7B with 120B math-related tokens sourced from …

GMAT Focus Math Starter Kit EP2: Inequalities and Absolute Value Questions – YouTube
This LIVE video is the 2nd episode in our quant “starter kit”, designed for people who don’t always love quant. Video #2 will focus on …

What is Learnosity Math?
Learnosity Math makes it possible to score open ended Math Questions, using pre-defined rules to evaluate the correctness of a mathematical expression …

GMAT Focus Math Starter Kit EP1: Linear Equations, Quadratics, & Word Translations
In this episode, GMATNinja focuses on some of the most crucial building blocks of GMAT quant: systems of equations, quadratics, …

Tips for reading arXiv papers in mathematics – MathOverflow
… math paper. I assume the OP already knows how to read math papers, e.g., the importance of the introduction, finding relevant results, checking …

François Fleuret on X: „TBH I have always been puzzled by math courses / books that do not …
TBH I have always been puzzled by math courses / books that do not explain why the stuff is useful when it is defined.


Math Machine Learning Seminar – UCLA Mathematics


Mathematics Examples – DAMTP – University of Cambridge
Examples Sheets for Mathematical Tripos courses run by DPMMS are available from the DPMMS website. Mathematics for the Natural Sciences Tripos: …

Math and Statistics Courses Available at Each Placement Level at Each LACCD College
Level*. ELAC. LACC. LAHC. LAMC. LAPC. LASC. LATTC. LAVC. WLAC. MT4. MATH 261 MATH 261 MATH 265 MATH 247, 261 MATH 261. MATH 265. MATH 265 MATH 247 …

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