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What are the prospects for education in USA

What are the prospects for education at the most elite universities in the USA?


The American Foundation for Bulgaria has programs that offer scholarships to Bulgarian students for universities in the USA. Many of our scholarship recipients continue their education in the most elite educational institutions. This was announced in the program „In development“ on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, Aleksey Hristov, director of the organization.

He specified that scholarships are given to the medal winners of international Olympiads in natural sciences.

According to him, for more than 20 years there has been cooperation between young people, students in secondary schools in our country in one of the projects of the foundation in the Student Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – UchIMI. Each year, two eleventh graders go to a summer program at MIT near Boston, where they work with world-renowned scientists.

„There are many examples of great achievements of Bulgarians in various sectors around the world. Often, Bulgarian students in the USA return to help the next generation in our country,“ Hristov commented on the continuity of cooperation.

As for the so-called „brain drain“, according to him, it can be explained by the fact that there is no development perspective in our country. And he gave an example of a Bulgarian who developed a medical startup and found a place in the „30 under 30“ ranking of Forbes magazine.

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