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Vocational education mainly prepares…

Vocational education mainly prepares cooks and auto technicians – Investor.bg
Vocational education covers about half of all students in
high school stage and is available in every district of the country and about 4/5


„Together in class“: Without good education, no reform will be successful News.bg
The position states that the topic of quality education is absent by time of all the times that Bulgarian citizens have been in recent years …

The special issue „Maritsa Education“: How learning prepares for life
Education. The special issue „Maritsa Education“: How to learn prepares for life. 09:00, 16/04/2024; https://www.marica.bg/plovdiv

65 companies are looking for personnel from higher education in Plovdiv (photos) – 24
24 hours
The Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv for Education, Business Development and European Policies
Vladimir Temelkov told the students that his door is open to everyone, …

Eleven elections and zero reforms in education – Diary
During all these conversations about the direction of Bulgaria and the future of the country is missing one key topic – quality education. For these …

They overwhelmingly choose tourism and programming in secondary education, only 50 study
for …
24 hours
146 professions can be learned in the academic year 2024, and 33 of them are study only in one field, the Institute for Market Economy analyzed.

„In class and out of class“: Education, vacation pro… – Stolitsa.bg – Stolica.BG
„In class and out of class“: Education, holiday programs and the study of foreign languages for children of. access_time09:57; listMore; comment0; visibility326


Bulgaria is among the lagging countries in terms of the share of university graduates in Europe –
The number of Europeans with higher education varies widely across regions, shows a new study cited by Euronews. On average, almost a third of…

MES with important news for students, key changes – Education – Standard news
Standard news
The national external assessment of Bulgarian language and literature in the 10th grade will
start at a later time because of the scheduled elections for the national and …

11 elections and zero reforms in education – the balance sheet of „Together in time“
… education, the foundation points out. It never became clear what he was going to do
make the political leaders so that the schools leave people who are…

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Public consultations – Ministry of Education and Science
Invitation to public discussion of the draft Program
„Education“ for the 2021-2027 program period.

Glossary of terms – Sport – Erasmus+
Glossary of terms – Higher education · Glossary of terms –
Vocational Education and Training · Glossary – Education for adults …

75 years of the world organization OMEP: preschool education … – CEEOL – Article Detail
Central and Eastern European Online Library – CEE journals, documents, articles, periodicals, books available online for download, …

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