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Today is: Math 2.0 Day

Today is: Math 2.0 Day – The News-Messenger
The News-Messenger
On the day, mathematicians, educators, innovators, and policymakers come together to celebrate and also to raise awareness about math literacy and …

Board games enhance math skills in kids – Newswise
Board games based on numbers, like Monopoly, Othello and Chutes and Ladders, make young children better at math.

Why putting off college math can be a good idea | Kiowa County Press – Eads, Colorado, Newspaper
Kiowa County Press
Enrolling in a math course during the first semester of college resulted in students being four times more likely to drop out. Although delayed …

Board games help children improve their math skills – Earth.com Earth.com
A recent study suggests thatplaying board games could be a fun way to boost math skills in children.

$1 million offered to the genius who resolves complex math theory | The Asahi Shimbun
A Japanese entrepreneur is offering to shell out $1 million (140 million yen) to anyone who can finally resolve a deadlock over a proof of a math …

Meet the Pueblo artist combining art and mathematics to get students excited about math
Pueblo Chieftain
Pueblo’s Theresa Ferg is using her background in mathematics and art education to get students excited about learning math.

Numbers-based board games make children better at math – study – The Jerusalem Post
The Jerusalem Post
“Board games enhance mathematical abilities for young children,” said author Dr. JaimeBalladares, from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

New center merges math, AI to push frontiers of science – Newswise Newswise
All of the investigators are field faculty members of the Center for Applied Mathematics. With the advance of AI systems – built with tangled webs of …

New center merges math, AI to push frontiers of science – EurekAlert! EurekAlert!
Our new center will pioneer radically new AI approaches for scientific discovery.” The SciAI Center will use mathematics as a common language between …

Art, math, science create a complete picture of learning | West Jordan Journal
West Jordan Journal
They applied math skills to calculate the percentages of each color they used. Other projects begin as an academic lesson andthen become art. Second …

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Charles Rezk
Math 527 (Homotopy Theory): course website. Fall 2022: Math 500 (Algebra): course announcement. The course site is on learn.illinois.edu. Important …

Probability authors/titles Apr 2023 – arXiv
Authors and titles for math.PR in Apr 2023 ; [1] arXiv:2304.00016 · Isoperimetric Inequalities and Supercritical Percolation on High-dimensional Graphs.

Discrete Mathematics | Vol 346, Issue 10, In progress (October 2023) – ScienceDirect.com
Read the latest articles of Discrete Mathematics at ScienceDirect.com, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature.

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