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They accept applications for one-time grants

They accept applications for one-time aid for students from first to fourth and c
8th grade
So far, such support has been granted only to the families of students in the first and
eighth grade, and the guardians of children enrolled in …

The Social Assistance Agency accepts applications for one-off benefits for students
From this year, important changes in this type of aid granted to covering part of the parents’ expenses in the preparation of students c …

How parents can apply for student aid – NOVA
Acceptance of aid applications has begunfor first through fourth graders class inclusive. The Social Assistance Agency made …

Pupils and students become guides, show Burgas in a different and fun way way
24 hours
Pupils and students become guides, show Burgas in a different and fun way way. Toni Shtiliyanova. ton2424@24chasa.bg. 20.06.2023 …

Students enter class drunk, and minors sell drugs –
Cases of students, … drugs and
the recently fashionable paradise gas among students is a reflection of this, …

Applications for one-off aid for students are now being accepted – Business news Business news
They are now acceptedapplications for one-off student aid. BG Business · bTV Business team. 20.06.2023 15:11.

Is our vocational education effective: almost half of students I will not …
Is secondary vocational education effective in Bulgaria, where they are covered 40% of students in our country, shows an index of conformity between …

Parents of students can now submit documents for BGN 300 aid – Plovdiv Press
Plovdiv Press
Until now, it was received only by the families of students enrolled in the first and
eight grade. Enrolled in the second,

The new normal?Students enter class drugged, minors place
Cases of schoolchildren entering the Blagoevgrad region have increased alarmingly
class of underage and minors selling drugs.

See how students from „Konstantin Petkanov“ Secondary School transformed old barrels
The gramophone
20.06.2023, 15:49 | Author: Gramofona.com See how students from SU … Students from Burgas State University „Konstantin Petkanov“ put an end to part of …

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