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The role of AI and

The role of AI and blended learning in shaping the future of education – The Hindu
The Hindu
AI-powered learning platforms represent the next step in the evolution of digital education, offering learning experiences that are personalised, …

The Potential Impact of AI Technology on Education. | by Happiness Uduak – Medium
Artificial Intelligence can now tailor education to the unique needs of each student, thus providing personalized learning experiences for them. By …

AI and K-12 Education – rAVe [PUBS]
One of the fastest-moving changes I’ve seen in a long time is the growth of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI in education will surely …

Should High Schools Require a CS Course Before Students Graduate? – Slashdot
„To require all students to take computer science to earn a high school diploma.“ Arguing that „artificial intelligence has increased the urgency to …

Searching for the ‘Correct Way’ to Teach and Learn About AI – FE News FE News
Bassim Hijazi, responsible for digital media and communications and content production at Qatar Foundation’s education initiative, WISE, …

This AI Robot can teach your children through personalized conversation – New York Post
New York Post
Miko aims to offer safe, interactive education as parenting expert notes ‘no substitute for human teaching’

How Will Generative AI Chatbot Tutors Boost Students’ Academic Performance? Cryptopolitan
Integration of generative AI in education frees teachers’ time for meaningful interactions, empowering students in personalized learning.

Anthology Accelerates Innovation in Higher Education with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service
New AI enhancements unveiled at Anthology TogetherBoca Raton, Fla., July 17, 2023 – Anthology, a leading provider of education solutions that …

How A.I. Chatbots Could Solve The Two Sigma Problem – Psychology Today Psychology Today
The relationship between student and tutor produces academic success. Generative A.I. chatbots are about to revolutionize learning. A.I. chatbots can …

Miko, the AI robot, teaches kids through conversation: ‘Very personalized experience’
Fox News
Miko aims to offer safe, interactive education as parenting expert notes ‘no substitute for human teaching’. Angelica Stabile.

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