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The Institute of Mathematics at the BAS

The Institute of Mathematics at the BAS will punish an employee who protected the rapist with

The Institute of Mathematics at the BAS will punish an employee who protected the rapist with
the dummy knife. OFFNews 11645 11. 01 August 2023 at 15:06. IMI-BAN. Photo …

The Master of Mathematics: Elias Noman was accepted to 6 universities in the USA with
full …
bTV News
Ilias Noman is a graduate of the Sofia Mathematical High School. Not only him wins medals at international math olympiads, but has already been accepted …

Beautiful minds: Bulgarian math Olympians – Actualno.com
They returned with one gold, one silver and four bronze medals the Bulgarian students from the International Mathematics Olympiad, which held in …

Good morning joke: Mathematics teacher – Expert.bg
A math teacher said to the class: – Children, write in your notebooks the following task that I made up for you: An airplane flies at a height …

Advanced family math (video) – Gospodari
Family math is a complicated thing and not getting it right is a bad life sign. The rest is a matter of attitude and taste.

The results of the junior matriculation exams in mathematics are better than last year’s
Pupils from 84 schools from the Pazardzhik region appeared at the Higher Secondary School after 4th grade. 1
802nd in BEL and 1,785 – in mathematics. About 60% of fourth graders have …

How many lottery tickets do you need to buy to guarantee a win? Mathematicians …
They describe the solution using a mathematical system focused around … Dr. David Stewart, Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at the University of …

The changes and new concepts in the curricula from classes I to X are clear – Debates
In mathematics, the concept of „Simple interest“ is moved from V to VII class, a the topic „Equalities in the plane“ goes from general education to advanced …

A young boy glorified Silistra at the Mathematics Olympiad in Japan – FOCUS FOCUS
Bozhidar Dimitrov from Silistra glorified the city at a mathematical Olympiad in The Land of the Rising Sun…

How does a blind boy become a great mathematician? – Novinata.bg Novinata.bg
However, mathematics eventually became his true …
but also in mathematics, which she did not know at all, and the books on …

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