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The Future of Learning: Top

The Future of Learning: Top EdTech Trends to Watch in 2022
Fagen Wasanni Technologies
In conclusion, the future of learning is bright, with numerous EdTech trends poised to transform education in 2022. From AI and VR to data privacy and …

Education unions grappling with Artificial Intelligence: we snooze, we lose.
Education International
There is a lot of speculation regarding the future of teaching and learning in compulsory education, especially with recent developments in …

Instructure, Khan Academy Announce Major Partnership On AI Tutoring, Teaching – Forbes
The news may set the standard for the role of AI in educational delivery and give the company a significant beachhead in the future of …

The future of gamification – eSchool News
eSchool News
Using traditional and AI-supported gamification, teachers can make learning a captivating journey of discovery for students.

The role of educators: architects of curiosity | The Educator K/12 The Educator Online
„My vision for the future of teaching and learning is one that embraces … role of curiosity in driving learning forward,“ asserts Kara Vaughan.

How Machine Learning Will Impact The Future Of Work And Life? – IndianWeb2.com
One of the most apparent ways machine learning is already influencing the future of work is through automation. Repetitive and mundane tasks that were …

UNESCO calls for worldwide ban on smartphones in classrooms – Travel Tomorrow
Travel Tomorrow
Technology is an essential component of the future of learning. It’s time to review its suitability and value to ensure a human-centred vision of …

British Esports Federation Signs 2-Year Collaboration with Dell Technologies and Intel
FE News
… learning experiences* and the need for 21st-century skills for future … most advanced esports and education performance and training centre.

The future of urban design in New Zealand – Musings from a masterplanner Architecture Now
Learning from the past and continuously improving our methods is essential in this dynamic and ever-changing environment. With our renewed focus on …

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