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The best AI academic tools

The best AI tools to power your academic research – Euronews.com

The best AI tools to power your academic research · 1. Consensus · 2. Elicit.org · 3. Scite.ai · 4. Research Rabbit · 5. ChatPDF.

Unlocking productivity and personalizing learning with AI – Microsoft Microsoft Education Blog
Unlock productivity and personalize learning with AI innovations from Microsoft Education. Learn about Copilot for Microsoft 365 availability …

Anthropomorphism of AI in Learning Environments: Risks of Humanizing the Machine

In preK-12 education environments, educators and school leaders continue to work to clearly and consistently identify the opportunities and challenges …

AI in Education, Balancing Innovation with Ethics

Dr. Mario Herane is an accomplished leader in higher education, with a notable career spanning over 17 years in educational leadership, EdTech, …

Pioneering the future of higher education: The role of educators in AI integration
Open Access Government
AI is not new. While it has made significant strides in various industries, its impact on education has been modest. Traditional AI techniques rely on …

How AI transforms education – Telefónica

How AI transforms education. Has the calculator made us stop knowing how to add or subtract? Can we guess how the emergence of artificial intelligence …

The Director of UNICEF Innocenti explores how businesses can evolve to utilize AI as an education leveler, not divider, for a more equitable …

A new collaboration with OpenAI charts the future of AI in higher education

ASU News – Arizona State University
… artificial intelligence. Today, the university announced it has become the first higher education institution to collaborate with OpenAI, the AI …

N.C. issues guidebook for integrating AI in classrooms – Spectrum News 1

— School systems are trying to figure out how to incorporate and adjust to artificial intelligence. What You Need To Know. Generative artificial …

Harnessing the power of AI: A new era of education – FE News

Simon delves into the impact of AI and ML in education, showcasing their potential to alleviate educator burnout and personalise learning.

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