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Teacher salaries remain insultingly low

„Education“ union: Teacher salaries remain insultingly low – News.bg News.bg
The study was carried out by the Syndicate „Education“ at the KT „Support“ and in
4150 teachers, parents and interested parties participated in it. Only 6.3% think


Over two-thirds of Bulgarian teenagers plan to graduate
Over two-thirds (71%) of 15-year-old students in Bulgaria plan to graduate higher education. This is below the peer average of…

Education in the Republic of Bulgaria during the academic year 2023/2024 National Statistical Institute
… education (kindergartens and preparatory groups in schools) are 216.9 thousand children enrolled;; in 2023 they completed primary education 63.4 …

Major changes in education. New fees – Education – Standard news Standard news
In this way, funds will be provided for the activities of organizing the exam, which is not related to the acquisition of secondary education, but is taken


When will the educational reform in our country come out of the political rhetoric
„It should start from the university education of teachers and directors as it is extremely outdated. Next, it needs…

The idea of free higher education will not be realized for now – Dnevnik Diary
The Parliamentary Committee on Education did not accept the proposal students, accepted by state order, not to pay semester fees.

Live: Deputies discuss changes to the Law on Higher Education – YouTube
Watch live debates in Parliament on changes to the Higher Education Act education. *** Subscribe to: YOUTUBE …

15-year-old Bulgarians have lower expectations for graduating from higher education
bTV News
In Bulgaria, 71% of 15-year-olds expect to complete higher education, and 45% expect to have a management position or professional realization when …

„The Meaning“: No(possible education) – Who Speaks? – Darik.bg Darik.bg
… education and culture (EACEA) or of the EEOC. Neither the European Union nor Neither the EACEA nor the EEOC can be held responsible for them. Treatment for …

Populism or affordable education? They left the free higher … – Actualno.com
They discussed at first reading the amendment to the Law on Higher Education, according to which students are exempted from fees from the second semester of …

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Quality Improvement | European Education Area
Higher education should be inclusive for all and its
institutions must be connected to the respective communities. Find out more for …

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