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Students still struggle with math

Students still struggle with math and reading despite the end of the pandemic era, study shows – CNN
“While the pandemic is now deemed over, the impacts on students based on two markers, achievement in reading and mathematics, are still apparent.”.

Adding funds to budget of Cambridge Math Circle could set nonprofit precedent, councillors worry
Cambridge Day
A Cambridge Math Circle summer camp, held at Harvard University, on June 30. (Photo: Kate Wheatley). Giving the nonprofit Cambridge Math Circle a …

Students still struggle with math and reading despite the end of the pandemic era, study shows
Channel 3000
After historic declines in math scores, schools look to bolster summer programs to … achievement in reading and mathematics, are still apparent.

Nearly half of Lee County students’ reading & math test scores fell below grade level
NBC2 News
Approximately half of Lee County’s students tested below their grade level in reading and math this past school year, according to test results …

Family game night may also help a child’s math abilities – CBS Miami CBS News
A study published last week in the journal Early Years shows that playing board games can help young kids build stronger math abilities.

The College of Cardinals: some light-hearted math – Catholic Culture Catholic Culture
Imagine that in 2001, Pope John Paul II decided that he had to trim eight names off the list, to ensure that only 120 cardinals would be eligible …

Attainment in maths and writing SATs increases compared to 2022 – GOV.UK GOV.UK
Today’s results showed that 73% of pupils met the expected standard in maths – up from 71% in 2022, moving one step closer to the Government’s vision …

Beyond Play: Board Games Boost Math Ability in Young Children – SciTechDaily
Number-based board games significantly enhance children’s math skills, according to a review of 23 years of research. A study found that regular …

WPI Researcher to Determine How Providing Visual Cues in Math Equations Could Help …
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
The findings could impact math curricula and classroom teaching. “When students look at a math equation, they see numbers and symbols in space, …

California’s Very Flawed K-12 Math Framework – The Beacon
The Beacon – Independent Institute
The scientific way of teaching math includes: having students memorize math facts (like multiplication tables and addition and subtraction facts) and …

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