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School Principal Competitions

School Principal Competitions: We’re looking for leaders to drown in paper

The Bulgarian school would be looking for leaders for the positions of principals.
For a while, this has been the mantra of sorts in school essay contests…

Increasing the number of days a child can be absent from school for family reasons. Most parents support the proposed change.
03/05/2024 …

15 days of absence from school for domestic reasons: End of public school discussion

She is in the 3rd grade of the capital’s 119th school. Vyara Petrova needs a minimum of one working day per month to excuse absences. The change will


A Plovdiv school showed that being a student is easy and fun –

The students from „Saint Cyril and Methodius“ Secondary School – Plovdiv organize for their little parties…

“Do you have a brain? I’ll break your mouth’: Report scandalous behavior of a teacher
bTV News
The case is from the elementary school „St. St. Cyril and Methodius“ in the city of Oryahovo.
Parents of a first-grader sent a recording to bTV in which they can be heard being abusive


Robots go to school instead of children – 24 Hours
24 hours
In Japan, this is how they solve the Hikikomori problem, where teenagers have their own way
will refuse to leave home Robots go to school instead of …

What is „Work School“ – Business – BNR News
Laura is a Project Manager at one of the leading digital agencies. In the free he volunteers his time and helps children deprived of parental care.

Higher Theological School, 01.03.2024 – Bulgarian National Television – BNT
When did the idea to build a Higher Theological School date back and where? find it? Watch 10,000 steps on March 1, 2024, 5:50 p.m. on BNT 2!

Principal of a capital school blew up the web: Why we should respect the teacher…
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