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School for mermaids

School for mermaids: Petya, who turns the fairy tale into reality – Boulevard Bulgaria

This dream can become a reality, because in Bulgaria there is already a school for mermaids. Atlana Mermaid Academy was founded by Petya Petkova, we meet in …

The day when everything stopped – one year since the mass shooting in Belgrade school
One year ago today, 13-year-old Kosta Ketsmanovic discovered shooting at the Vladislav Rybnikar elementary school in Belgrade. Nine children and


Because of early marriages, children stop going to school as early as the fifth grade – 24
24 hours
A large proportion of those who marry stop going to school.
Individuals are those who continue to visit him. That said about the children, …

The father of the child who was run over in Sopot: I sent a doll to school, and then her
i saw like…
New TV
The sight was terrible. I sent a doll to school, I saw it crushed kitty,” he said. The principal of the school where he became the incident, …

One year since the mass shooting at a Belgrade school: The day everything stopped
One year ago today, thirteen-year-old KK opened fire in
Belgrade primary school „Vladislav Rybnikar“.

What is the condition of the child beaten with boxing in Haskovo school – Nova television
New TV
It is expected that there will be teachers sanctioned because of the case. A 14-year-old child
is in the hospital in Haskovo after a fight at school.

A cockerel in a Sofia school (PHOTO) – Bulgaria – Telegraph
A rooster crows in the courtyard of the capital’s 51st secondary school „Elisaveta
Crimson“. Ray joined the school’s feathered family, …

A 14-year-old fourth-grader was beaten in the courtyard of a Bulgarian school – Nova
New Varna
After paint, the 14-year-old boy also enters school and stays in class. At 4 p.m.
gets on the school bus and goes home to the village of New Hope. His grandfather sees


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