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Remarkably Precise Models of Polyhedra

Marvel at Hundreds of Mathematician Max Brückner’s Remarkably Precise Models of Polyhedra
If you’re a mathematician who specializes in geometry, you might be called a geometer. No other term could so neatly describe the meticulous focus …

Tulane mathematician named 2024 Sloan Foundation research fellow – News News – Tulane
A Tulane University mathematician working to understand fluid mechanics has been named an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation research fellow, …

The decimal point is 150 years older than historians thought – Nature Nature
Origin of the powerful calculation tool traced back to a mathematician from the Italian Renaissance.

Mathematician Matthew Harrison-Trainor receives Sloan Research Fellowship – UIC today
UIC today – University of Illinois Chicago
Matthew Harrison-Trainor, a mathematician at the University of Illinois Chicago, has been awarded the Sloan Research Fellowship, one of the most …

‘Journeys of Black Mathematicians: Forging Resilience’ Screening | Events | dailyuw.com
The Daily UW
Journeys of Black Mathematicians” opens with a simple question asked in an elementary school classroom: What is a mathematician?

This Mathematician Leveraged Arithmetic To Build A Sustainable Clothing Brand | Essence
Founded by Diarra Bousso, ‘DIARRABLU’ uses mathematical algorithms to create garments that tap into the beauty of wearable art. This Mathematician …

This Quote Means: ‘Mathematics is the music of reason’ – The Indian Express The Indian Express
… mathematician because of the use of math in his music. On the other end is Albert Einstein, a scientist who was an accomplished pianist and …

Child of Vietnam war wins top maths honour – Times of Malta
Times of Malta
Vietnamese-born mathematician Ngo Bao Chau yesterday won the maths world’s version of a Nobel Prize, the Fields Medal, cementing a journey that …

Redefining girl math: Shivi Royal ’27 publishes biography of female mathematicians …
Flat Hat News
However, Computational and Applied Mathematics major Shivi Royal ’27 is working to reshape the term in favor of female mathematicians by compiling …

One Step Further: The Story of Katherine Johnson – Living on Earth Living on Earth
… mathematician and helped put a man on the moon. Host Steve Curwood spoke with one of Katherine’s three daughters, Katherine Moore, who co-authored …

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Niels Fabian Helge von Koch – Wikipedia
Niels Fabian Helge von Koch (25 January 1870 – 11 March 1924) was a Swedish mathematician who gave his name to the famous fractal known as the …

Oxford University Mathematician takes American AP Calculus BC Math Exam – YouTube
University of Oxford Mathematician Dr Tom Crawford sits the AP Calculus BC exam with no preparation. The exam is often taken by American High …

Charles Epstein (mathematician) – Wikipedia
Charles L. Epstein is a Senior Research Scientist in the Center for Computational Mathematics at the Flatiron Institute.

To the Bright Memory of Anatolii Mykhailovych Samoilenko, Prominent Mathematician …
Cite this article. To the Bright Memory of Anatolii Mykhailovych Samoilenko, Prominent Mathematician (02.01.1938–04.12.2020). J Math Sci 278, …

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