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Proposal for free higher education in Bulgaria

The proposal for free higher education will cover 127 thousand students Diary
The measure is a continuation of the state’s policy to ensure accessible, comprehensive and quality education. This was stated by the Prime Minister in …

Government and Parliament tackle higher education – Politics – OFFNews OFFNews
The resigned cabinet and parliament will deal with higher education today. The government will consider the proposal at a regular meeting…

The National Assembly will consider changes to the Law on Vocational Education and Training
Deputies will consider changes to the Labor Code in the second reading Vesti.bg – latest news from Bulgaria and the world, money, entertainment, …

The Parliament will finally vote on the Law on Higher Education – Banker.bg
At the second reading, it is expected that the amendment bill will also be considered
supplement to the Law on Vocational Education and Training. IN …

They adopted changes for the new professions – Education – Pariteni.bg Pariteni.bg
The Parliament adopted in the second reading changes to the Professional Law education and training related to the inclusion of new occupations.

How much does secondary education cost abroad – Pariteni.bg
From €25,000 to £45,000 a year is the average living wage
education of a child abroad. Scholarships can cover between 50 and 100% from…

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