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Prof. Dr. Miglena Temelkova: Ours

Prof. Dr. Miglena Temelkova: Our higher education is yet to prove that it is …
Bulgaria does not have an established image as an educational destination, and this is what it does
our higher education institutions invisible on the global stage of higher education, …

Galin Tsokov: Innovations in school education are our priority – 24 Hours 24 hours
More innovation in school education, digitization of processes and reducing the administrative burden for those employed in the system.

Competition for the position of „senior expert in preschool education“ in … – RUO Sofia-city
RUO Sofia-city
of the Minister of Education and Science, decided:The following are eligible for competition
candidates: Nadia Borilova; Natalia Parvanova; Daniela Bratoevska; A blessing…

Prof. Dr. Miglena Temelkova: Our higher education is yet to prove that it is …
A group of universities is churning out staff for call centers – a job for which you don’t need a college degree at all. Accountants spew the same…

Education Minister Galin Tsokov is in favor of more innovations in the school… – BTA
These are part of the priorities set by the Minister of Education and Science Prof. Galin Tsokov presented to the Union of Managers in the system of …

School principalsthey talk to the minister of education about the competitions for
their election
The Minister of Education and Science Galin Tsokov presented new priorities in the educational system before the Union of managers in the system of …

Is there a basis for democratic education in our country – Who Speaks? – Darric Darik.bg
A conversation with Maggie Blagoeva, teacher, founder of the Community for Democracy

Nikoleta Popkostadinova: The first topics of children’s sexual education …
Focus news
The more the parents and relatives of the children guide and lead the process of sex education, t…

After business reaction: Ministry of Education partially
restructuredthe places in
the universities
The Minister of Education Prof. Galin Tsokov ordered partially restructuring of the admission plan for students in state universities.

Bulgarian language and literature teacher Slavomir Tomov: Literacy already is not a factor
What is happening in education is a reflection of the great social scissors in society. There is a lack of quality education for children of Roma origin, …

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