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Mathematics: How to count correctly

Maths: How to count correctly – addition and subtraction,
multiplication and division

Mathematics is an exact science that some people love and others find difficult difficulties in mastering it.

Korean variant and Ukrainian mathematics – View Info
View Info
As a result, according to the laws of mathematics, we arrive at the formula „NATO in exchange for peace“, that is, the West can (should) offer Ukraine …

A math teacher celebrates her 100th anniversary – 24 Hours
She celebrates her centenary, surrounded by the love and respect of her relatives
to generations of her fellow citizens, to whom she revealed the secrets of mathematics …

Computer Mathematics Olympiad – News – BNR
Tenth Anniversary National Student Olympiad in Computer Mathematics „Academician Stefan Dodunekov“ will be held until 12…

Maritime school won two mathematics Olympiads – Parallel 43
Parallel 43
… the mathematics team of the National Naval Academy
Student Olympiad in Computer Mathematics reported Focus Agency. The team of V.

Krasimir Valchev showed Asen Vassilev’s mathematics for teachers’ salaries Tribune.bg
From the Facebook profile of Krasimir Valchev A mathematical problem for students,
teachers and financiers: If the ratio of A to B is 5 to 4 and B …

Students from TU – Varna won medals from the Computer Science Olympiad mathematics
The purpose of the competition was to challenge and encourage talented students in mathematics, creating relationships between them and the team leaders …

Mathematics teachers from the whole district gathered in Silistra Quorum Silistra
Silistra held a workshop on „Measuring the mathematical
students’ literacy“ on the initiative of Senior Mathematics Expert Katya …

The National Science and Mathematics High School needs help to participate in … – BTA
… math, physics, and computer science while collaborating in teams and competing, they exchange knowledge. The main goal of the forum is the development of…

The University of Rousse „Angel Kanchev“ hosted the tenth national… – Rousse.Info
… mathematics „Academician Stefan Dodunekov“ (CompMath … Competitive topics included 30 serious math problems that had to be
solved by …

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