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Higher education in Bulgaria produces more and more

Higher education is producing more and more educators, and the brain drain decreases
Growth of interest in pedagogical fields is also visible through increases high school GPA for new students in them in …

Quote of the day: Bulgarian education is a counterpoint to what it „values“ PISA
This is written in the opinion of the trade union „Education“ about the low results of
the Bulgarian students from the international study PISA. According to the research


IPI recommends a comprehensive reform of secondary education because of PISA –

The institute requested, after the salary update, the funds in system to redistribute more towards reforming education.

Expert: Changes in education should not be done piecemeal –
A reform begins with public discussions, pointed out Ivan Gospodinov from association „Education without backpacks“

The chances of a good education in our country are 50 to 50, there is no reform – Dnes
This was commented by Ivan Gospodinov, chairman of the Management Board of association „Education without backpacks“, in the show „Business Start“ on Bloomberg TV …

Changes in education – for better applicability of knowledge and skills Investor.bg
… education. „In the last years of weightlessness and office governments we have accumulated deficits. It is important that education works for
skills to…

Children can’t PISA: The crisis in education directly harms people and the economy
Children can’t PISA: The crisis in education directly harms people and the economy. Another alarming result of the PISA test for Bulgaria…

Syndicate: Our education is a counterpoint to what PISA assesses – OFFNews
The overwhelming results of another international PISA study for the preparation of the Bulgarian students alarmed the Education Union to …

Telelink Business Services – an innovator in Bulgarian education – 24 Hours 24 hours
One of the main strategic directions of the company is actively and adequately to contribute to the development of Bulgarian education.

European Education Area midterm review process report
… education and training The review presents the development of national education and training systems. Focus topics. About the topics of focus These …

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