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Have You Heard The One About The Mathematician..

Have You Heard The One About The Mathematician… – Discover Magazine

This is a joke written by the Soviet-American mathematician Tanya Khovanova, who lectures in mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology …

Goehner woman pioneered discoveries as mathematician, astronomer – KOLN


Falcon Theatre’s ‘Breaking the Code’ Explores the Complicated Life of Mathematician Alan Turing
Cumberbatch was nominated for an Oscar for his portrait of Turing (1912-1954), the mathematician and cryptanalyst who cracked the German military …

First chalmerist in space, mathematician and cryptographer appointed Honorary doctors
Chalmers Faculty Senate has awarded the astronaut Marcus Wandt as an honorary doctor at Chalmers 2024. Helen Byrne and Gilles Barthe will also be …

Emmy Noether faced sexism and Nazism – over 100 years later her contributions to ring …
Mathematicians still use Noether’s map today, not just in ring theory, but in other areas such as number theory and algebraic geometry. Escape from …

Meet a Mathematician | New York City, NY Patch
Join MoMath’s Distinguished Visiting Professor Ingrid Daubechies as she welcomes mathematician Dr. Angel R. Pineda to the MoMath stage to share his …

New Breakthrough Brings Matrix Multiplication Closer to Ideal – Quanta Magazine
Quanta Magazine
Take the act of multiplying matrices, or arrays of numbers. In 1812, the French mathematician Jacques Philippe Marie Binet came up with the basic set …

Penn State professor discusses inequity in higher STEM education Penn State
Nate Brown, a theoretical mathematician and professor of mathematics in the Penn State Eberly College of Science, gave a virtual presentation on …

The Decimal Point Is 150 Years Older Than We Thought, Emerging in Renaissance Italy
Open Culture
Historians have long thought that the decimal point first came into use in 1593, when the German mathematician Christopher Clavius wrote an …

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[2403.04571] Machine learning and information theory concepts towards an AI Mathematician – arXiv
Can we learn something useful about that gap from how the brains of mathematicians go about their craft? This essay builds on the idea that current …

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