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‘Geometry can be very simple,

‘Geometry can be very simple, but totally deep’: meet top maths prizewinner Claire Voisin
Last week, mathematician Claire Voisin was awarded the 2024 Crafoord Prize in Mathematics — one of the top awards in the field. Voisin, who is based …

Mathematician John Swallow, British Oceanographer Nets Woods Hole’s Stommel … Mathematician Gang Tian, a professor of mathematics at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University (NYU), is the …

Tony Gardiner, mathematician whose annual schools challenge thrilled competitive children
Yahoo News
Tony Gardiner, who has died aged 76, was the crusading mathematician behind the UK Schools Mathematics Challenge, an annual brain-racking …

Love squared: four math power couples you might not have heard of – University of Waterloo
University of Waterloo
Isabel Vogt is a mathematician at Brown University who studies the geometry of algebraic curves. Her husband, Eric Larson, is also a professor at …

Surreal Numbers Are a Real Thing. Here’s How to Make Them | Scientific American
Scientific American
In the 1970s mathematicians found a simple way to create all numbers, from the infinitely small to infinitely large.

Facts of the Matter: Idea of infinity fascinates philosophers, thinkers and mathematicians
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
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A Polish ‘countess’ saved thousands from the Nazis. No one knew she was a Jew
The Times of Israel
Nearly lost to history, the incredible story of mathematician Janina Spinner Mehlberg is retold in ‘The Counterfeit Countess’ by historians …

How mathematical practices can improve your writing – Times Higher Education (THE)
Times Higher Education (THE)
This is a false dichotomy that can discourage mathematicians from writing. It suggests writing is outside the natural skill set of the mathematician …

Three EU-backed scientists win major prize in astronomy and mathematics – CORDIS
CORDIS – European Union
Their fascinating new insight into phenomena imperceptible to the human eye has earned mathematician Claire Voisin and astrophysicists…

The Genesis of Surreal Numbers: A Profound Concept in Mathematics – Medriva Medriva
In the 1970s, mathematician Donald Knuth wrote a profound piece on surreal numbers, a concept pioneered by mathematician John Horton Conway. In …

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