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Full inspection of NGDEK

Parents and teachers demand from MЕ a full and transparent inspection of NGDEK – Actualno.com
Threats and qualifications are made. Over 30 teachers left in 2 years, the real reason being the humiliation and disgust and abhorrence of it, …

The Minister of Education to the students: Respect the teachers, it’s today celebration of knowledge
„Dear teachers and heads of educational institutions, in the training process has difficult days, there are also moments when one wonders if Yes …

Angry teachers protest because of a student killed on the road – Education standartnews.com
Under the slogan „We have no more children to kill“, the teachers from the 32nd school „St.
Kliment Ohridski“ will protest tonight.

South Korea: Thousands of teachers strike for protection from parental abuse – News.bg
Thousands of South Korean teachers and staff gathered in Seoul on Saturday for more legal protection against parental harassment, a growing problem in …

The youngest teacher: Why did 20-year-old Svetla return to school? bTV News
Already in the first year as a student, he began to replace his teachers from high school.

UNICEF launches a campaign focusing on the role of teachers in Bulgaria – Morning
„Morning“ newspaper
UNICEF in Bulgaria starts a campaign with the motto
„#teachersTEsaYAKI“. She will
focuses on the role of teachers – the main drivers of change in …

Teachers and students march in memory of the trampled Philip – Petel.bg Petel.bg
Classmates of the trampled Philip, his relatives and teachers from the 32nd school
are protesting in memory of the 15-year-old boy today.

Teachers protest in South Korea – want parents to stop bullying them (Video)
24 hours
Lawmakers debate how to protect them by law Thousands of South Korean teachers and
School officials gathered today in Seoul to demand stricter …

The salaries of Bulgarian teachers and how the work of their colleagues is paid in

Salaries range from MKD 23,400 (BGN 743) to MKD 88,900 (BGN 2,824). Teachers in Turkey usually earn an average of around TRY 8,200 (BGN 539) per month …

The Minister of Education: Teachers are leaving the profession and this is a problem –
Plovdiv Now
Plovdiv Now
According to him, since teachers’ salaries have increased, there are more candidates to study pedagogy, but unfortunately leaving the profession remains…

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