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From October 1, the e-medical note is…

The e-medical note for students was launched on October 1
A sick student should go to his doctor for an examination. When the doctor performed the review, the information is entered in the National Information health …

Electronic apology notes for students – the most important questions and answers Labor
… students. The long-awaited innovation was received with wide public acclaim support, and in the discussions that followed the announcement, some …

E-notes shed light on students’ „escapes“ from education? – News.bg News.bg
… students, the minister said. The Ministry of Health will decide however, what is the cost of the electronic apology note to students.

Pupils from Plovdiv delighted dozens of pensioners for the Day of the Elderly – Plovdiv Now
Plovdiv Now
Plovdiv schoolchildren returned the smiles of dozens of pensioners in case 1 October – Day of the elderly. They visited homes and congratulated the holiday …

Students pouring beer in broad daylight in Plovdiv meters from school? Plovdiv24.bg
Students get drunk in broad daylight. That’s what a concerned reader claims Plovdiv24.bg. The situation developed…

HISTORICAL: Bulgarian students – with discoveries in the field of artificial intellect
New TV
Martin Vechev is the first time that a student has published an article in a world
level. Georgi is one of the four young researchers who worked in the pilot house …

For the ninth year in a row, Lidl Bulgaria welcomes students for dual studies – Economy.bg
Lidl Bulgaria opened the year for another group of students in its program for dual training. They will be trained for the professions of Economist and …

Students will tell their grandchildren: We built the monument to Gundy – 24 Hours
24 hours
In the days before the official opening of the monument, volunteers, most of the which students, continue to work hard for the overall completion of …

Children’s applied studio enrolls students who want to create – Parvomai.NET Parvomai.NET
… students who want to create … … students who want to create and yes hone their talent. Classes will start in October and will
are …

Foundation gives scholarships for students – Plovdiv Online – Plovdiv-Online.com Plovdiv-Online.com
We are pleased to inform you that the scholarship amounts per program Higher Achievers for 2023/2024 have increased amounts. for students…

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