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Experts are calling for inclusive education

Experts call for attention to inclusive education


What are the most preferred destinations abroad for higher education from the Bulgarians?
The most preferred destinations for higher education abroad among the Bulgarian candidate students are Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

The interest of Bulgarians in higher education in Italy is growing – Karieri.bg Karieri.bg
The interest of Bulgarian prospective students in Italy as a destination for higher education increased compared to previous years. Compared to…

Education – Dimitar Nikolov – YouTube
Education – Dimitar Nikolov. 3 views · 9 minutes ago BURGAS …more. BurgasInfo News from Burgas and the region. 365. Subscribe. 365 subscribers. 0.

Exhibition on education abroad opens opportunities to Asia for Bulgarians …
In Sofia and Burgas, the autumn edition of the exhibition „Education for successful career – 2023“ of the consulting agency „Edlanta“.

Teachers in Bulgaria develop skills for innovation in education – 24 Hours 24 hours
In today’s fast-paced world, we are all challenged to
we adapt quickly – new technologies, different everyday life, change in …

How the COVID-19 pandemic affected business education – Vesti.bg Vesti.bg
Tomorrow’s Masters survey conducted by the consultant in the field of CarringtonCrisp Education, in association with the Development Network of management…

The Council of Ministers allocated over BGN 6 million for four education programs Moreto.net –
The government allocated BGN 6,224,518 to municipalities for 2023 for financing of activities under four national programs for the development of education.

The cabinet allocated over BGN 24 million for education – Iskra.bg Iskra.bg
The cabinet has allocated over 24 million BGN to the Ministry of education, the Ministry of Education and Culture informed. The government gave BGN 18,000,000

Applications for the Annual Awards for Education in Bulgaria are now open Actualno.com
The educational institution with the best performance of the prestigious international English language competition Kangaroo Global Linguistics (KGL), which in …

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