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Education 2023: Deliberately Sustained Chaos,

Education 2023: Deliberately maintained chaos cloaked in bluster strategies…
We will remember the coming year 2023 with one of the saddest findings for Bulgarian education – our students came last in …

What is skill development education? – Library
Why are we talking about this? This month there is a lot of talk about the PISA test and
education aimed at developing skills.

STEM classrooms and the „Digital Backpack“ platform are among the achievements in …
„Morning“ newspaper
… education in 2023. This is what Asen Alexandrov, who is
president of the Association of Principals in Secondary Education, asked …

The collapse of education is the collapse of the nation – Pogled Info View Info
For many years now, PISA has shown us the trend towards a gradual collapse in the education. And as early as July 2022, a UNICEF report warned that half of …

Suneung: the road to a reputable education in South Korea – Capital Capital
Suneung: the path to a reputable education in South Korea. The eight o’clock entrance exam is the only chance for students in the country to enter SKY …

Teachers’ salaries increase by 8.4% from January 1 – 24 Hours 24 hours
… of preschool and school education, which they signed today the Minister of Education and Science Prof. Galin Tsokov and social partners.

Teacher salaries with BGN 144 up (overview) – Labor
… education, which was signed yesterday by the Minister of Education and science Prof. Galin Tsokov and social partners. So from next year the starting …

THE CRASH OF EDUCATION IS THE CRASH OF THE NATION – Novo vreme magazine magazine „New Time“
When they announced the results of the international PISA study for 2022. even I, who have been dealing with the subject of education for 40 years, was …

A new CTD for pre-school and school education was signed – KNSB KNSB
Galin Tsokov, Minister of Education and Science, the chairman of The independent teachers’ union Asparuh Tomov and other social partners …

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