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EdTech Transforming Higher Education: Innovations

EdTech Transforming Higher Education: Innovations for the Future – CXO Today
CXO Today
Adaptive learning platforms and intelligent tutoring systems leverage AI algorithms to dynamically adjust educational content, pacing, and assessments …

NAEP Scores ‘Flashing Red’ After a Lost Generation of Learning for 13-Year-Olds – The 74
The 74
But he declined to speculate whether they might also represent a nadir before a hopeful future rebound, in part because it remained ambiguous which …

Charting the future of production | MIT News | MassachusettsInstitute of Technology
MIT News – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bonvillian responded that while the U.S. leads in teaching scientists and engineers at the undergraduate and graduate levels, the nation is at best …

Mixed reality: The future of staff training and onboarding – Bizz Buzz Bizz Buzz
Mixed reality: The future of staff training and onboarding. While mixed reality can be promising, we have to ensure that its adoption is frictionless, …

The rise of e-learning in India and future of onlineeducation – YourStory YourStory
Combining technology with education, online learning enables students and learners to access a vast array of educational resources and engage in …

Empowering growth and transformation: Top trends in HR learning technology HR News Middle East
The future of learning and development technology will only become more innovative and engaging and organisations that will be swift in adapting …

Day of Learning | Gaming & Immersive Media – IAB
Two out of every three Americans play videogames through various platforms (ESA, 2022) and gaming is third only to TV and social media in terms …

Defending against the most common cyberattacks – eSchool News eSchool News
In meeting the demand for remote access and online learning, … of computer hardware and enhancing cybersecurity to prevent future attacks.

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