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Bulgarians who have returned from abroad

Bulgarian children who have returned from abroad catch up with additional lessons –

The broad visualization through schemes (mind maps), photos and illustrations, video lessons provide an opportunity for better learning of knowledge. In help of


20 Life Lessons You Should Learn Early – Happy-Woman
Life lessons. There is no fantasy life. As well as ideal people. 1. Not everyone,
you will like whoever you meet in your life, but that doesn’t mean…

Robbie Williams takes beauty lessons from Marilyn Monroe | Life.dir.bg Dir.bg
Robbie Williams takes beauty lessons from Marilyn Monroe. The singer reveals the secret to your youthful appearance. 09:20 | August 9, 2023 1,979.

Lighten the students’ backpacks and heads – Labor
In addition, there are lessons, text materials, interactive exercises. But the lessons of the KAN Academy, which are subtitled in Bulgarian, are available from …

With lessons in ecology and first aid, volunteers from the BMCHK noted… – Maritsa
With demonstrations and lessons on how to deal with critical situations while received professional medical assistance today marked the
International Day of …

What lessons were (not) learned from the Swiss crisis – Investor.bg Investor.bg
What lessons were (un)learned from the Swiss crisis. Oliver Crook, Bloomberg. 18:03 | 08/09/23 Share: Send on Messenger Share on Facebook …

The Swiss crisis and the (un)learned lessons – Bloomberg TV Bulgaria Bloomberg TV Bulgaria
The Swiss crisis and the (un)learned lessons. Oliver Crook, Bloomberg. 22:30 | 8 August 2023. Translator: Petya Kusheva.

Ukraine has yet to learn Georgian lessons – View Info
View Info
They just learned their lessons and changed their policy. First, a significant one
some Georgians blame the events of 2008 not so much on

G. Tsokov: The „Digital Backpack“ of the Ministry of Education is ready and science
The platform offers online lessons and the ability to set assignments for homework and independent work.

Children’s teacher Roza Antonova – about the profession and love for children – BNR
I was a basic teacher at the Institute for Children’s Teachers, there were openings
lessons, lessons in front of freshmen, then as mentors to those, …

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