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AI is entering Bulgarian education

AI is entering Bulgarian education, it will help teachers and make lessons more interesting
Bloomberg TV Bulgaria
AI is entering Bulgarian education, it will help teachers and make lessons more interesting. Nikola Tulechki, data expert at Ontotext …

New national programs against school aggression – 24 Hours
24 hours
Twenty-two national programs for the development of education approved The branch council for education, which is meeting today in the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Trade unionist: 10% of teachers are pensioners or are of retirement age For kindergarten teachers, this trend exceeds 15 percent
says in a message from the Trade Union „Education“ to CT „Support“ with …

The PISA results are not so bad for Bulgarian education – BNR

and Applied Academy of Education „Sindeo“. Angel is one of those people who have been building SoftUni over the years, and currently creating the new programs of …

There are no applicants for directors of 33 schools in our country – News.bg

This is stated by the „Education“ Trade Union to the „Support“ KT. 9.38% of teachers in all types of schools are working pensioners or in retirement age …

Education prolongs life, scientists have found – Latest News from DNES.BG

„We focused on educational mobility, i.e. how much more (or less) education a person has completed compared to parents …

Every tenth teacher and every fifth principal are of retirement age – Dnes.bg Dnes.bg
The teaching profession in Bulgaria has a controversial rating and an aging effect,
it is said in the position of the union „Education“ to the KT „Podrepa“, …

Mobility in higher education is the main topic of the informal meeting on …
The Council of Ministers (CoM) approved the position of Bulgaria for participation in a debate on
topic „Mobility in higher education: what is the experience of your country?“

Legal education as a factor of public security – CEEOL –
Article Detail
Legal education as a factor for public security. Legal
Education as Factor for Public Security. Author(s): Maria Neikova

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