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AI in Higher Education: Aiding

AI in Higher Education: Aiding Students’ Academic Journey | ATD Association for Talent Development
Increasingly, artificial intelligence (AI) is appearing in academia and being used to help students succeed in their academic journeys.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education: Transforming Learning Experiences
AI in education transforms learning experiences for all stakeholders and reshapes conventional educational paradigms.

ChatGPT and College | Educators raise concerns over AI usage, researcher says to embrace it
AI technology has undeniably brought about big changes in various industries, and higher education is no exception.

Pearson Offers New AI Study Tools in Time for Back-to-School – Bloomberg Bloomberg.com
Pearson Plc will introduce generative artificial intelligence study tools into its online higher education platform in time for the upcoming …

Education in the age of AI and smart technology – eSchool News eSchool News
It is essential that schools ensure students are equipped with the necessary skills and competencies for. AI in Education …

The Rise of EdTech: Exploring the Global Integration of AI in Educational Systems
Fagen Wasanni Technologies
AI’s integration into education is not a futuristic concept; it’s happening now. From personalized learning platforms that adapt to students’ …

Human Meets AI: Helping Educators Navigate Their Emotions About Technological Change
Entrusted with the task to enhance academic support and learning experiences, the decision-making process has become more complex and consequential, …

Educators Have Questions About AI. Here’s How One of the Creators of Siri Answered Them
Education Week
Here are four key questions Cheyer answered from the webinar audience, which included school board members, district leaders, teachers, and students: …

Educational Conglomerate Pearson Adding Generative AI-Based Study Tools – Pymnts.com
Educational conglomerate Pearson is adding new generative artificial intelligence (AI)-based study tools to its real-time personalized learning …

Transforming Education: Instructure & Khan Academy Unveil AI-Powered Learning System …
Silicon Slopes Newsroom
This collaboration combines Instructure’s widely-used learning management system (Canvas) with Khan Academy’s AI-powered student tutor and …

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