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Unions in education threaten with

Unions in education threaten a strike – bTV News
bTV News
The trade unions in education have five demands to the state and threaten with national strike. The teachers are demanding that their salaries be 125% of…

Mika Zaikova warns: Money for education has decreased – News from Burgas and the region
The draft budget that the regular government proposed is not a budget, it is main parameters of the consolidated fiscal program for 2023.
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Personnel policy is a disaster! Young people do not work what they have learned Standard
The main role and advantage of vocational education is to provide direct link betweenlearners and the labor market, writes Kmeta.bg.

Important for high school graduates! NRA reminded what they owe to the state – Standard
„They have health insurance from the state until the end of June, but for this one
period from the completion of their secondary education to the commencement of …

From July, high school graduates pay their own health insurance – Labor Labor
… education. During these months, their health imports. … education. Through these months, their health contributions are not covered by the state, explained Bojana
Ilieva …

What to choose: Profession of the future or profession withfuture… – Maritza Maritza
This question stands in front of every prospective student facing the huge spectrum of opportunities offered by higher education at home and abroad.

Where to take the kids in the summer? – News NOW
… education, municipalities, community centers, debate clubs, etc. Part of the activities
are one hour a day, there are also more hours.

Where to take the kids in the summer? – News NOW
… which the Ministry of Education summarizes traditionally each year. … and for inclusive education, municipalities, community centers, debate clubs and

Bulgarians very active beforethe computer, but very bad at understanding what write
24 hours
Bulgaria performs the worst in indicators related to education and media freedom. Education indicators are related to the level of …

Parallels for brokers and office managers in Kardzhali for the academic year 2023/2024
24rodopi.com/Education … the new specialty is „Business Administration and office management“, reports the Regional Department of Education.

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