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The future of learning: AI

The future of learning: AI revolutionising children’s education – Herald.Wales
… learning experiences, automate administrative tasks and provide tailored feedback, AI holds immense promise for the future of education.

Future Of Training In The World
Nation World News
Training is a key element for the development of a society. In an increasingly globalized world, where competition is ever present and has become.

Legal Education 2.0: How Tech is Reshaping The Future of Legal Training – Law.com
For training providers keen to upgrade time-consuming assessment methods, AI algorithms could be deployed to analyse written assignments, research …

How Unilever IsPreparing for the Future of Work – Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review
… Unilever’s vice president of global learning and future of work, discuss how rapid advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, …

WindsorPatania Envision Future of Education with XR Facility – XR Today XR Today
This week innovators in enterprise and education architecture solutions WindsorPatania debuted the Extended Reality Lab (XR Lab), a learning …

Future Of Artificial Intelligence Dominated Air Combat Showcased In New Air Force Video
The Drive
AAx’s main focus is on testing and refining artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven autonomous capabilities foruse on future advanced …

Shaping the Future of Artificial Intelligence AI: The Significance of Prompt Engineering for …
For developing any GPT-3 application, it is important to have a proper training prompt along with its design and content. Prompt is the text fed to …

WISE summit seeks to strengthen global educational ecosystem – Gulf Times Gulf Times
Themed „Beyond Education: Involving a Whole Society in Learning“, … us to chart new paths for the educational models of the future and has …

Kinnu raises $6.5 million to use AI to flip the script when itcomes to edtech – Tech.eu
10 years ago, online learning experienced a boom because it democratised … on what the future of learning could look like and how to build it.

Implement microlearning for effective skill development in the new era of work
HR News Middle East
Traditional methods of learning and development are no longer sufficient to … Way forward: The future of corporate training is microlearning

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