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National math and reading scores

National math and reading scores for 13-year-olds drop – POLITICO Politico
Test scores for math and reading dropped across gender and racial and ethnic groups, but overall scores have been on the decline since 2012.

Middle schoolers’ reading and math scores plummet – Axios
American students’ test scores in math and reading got significantly worse last year — continuing a decade-long freefall.

U.S. reading and math scores drop to lowest level in decades – NPR NPR
Newly released data from national test scores in reading and math show a worrisome picture of student learning loss since the pandemic.

More bad news for test scores: 13-year-olds see major drop in reading and math | TheHill
The Hill
Math and reading scores have taken another blow as schools struggle to rein in pandemic learning loss, according to the National Assessment of …

American teens post lowest reading and math scores in decades | The Independent
The Independent
linkMath and reading skills among 13-year-olds in the United … The last
time students of the same age tested as low in math was 1990, and the …

Test scores for 13-year-olds continue to plunge in math and reading, new data reveals
NBC News
New data reveals that test scores among 13-year-olds have continued to plunge — with math down nine points and reading down four from 2019, …

Here’s how we could begindecoding an alien message using math – Science News
Science News
A new mathematical approach looks for order in strings of bits. A photo of a radio telescope pointing toward the night sky where the milky way can. If …

Low test scores persist in reading and math nationwide, new data shows The Dallas Morning News
NAEP scores, known as the nation’s “report card,” declined for 13-year-olds in both reading and math. A report on ACT scores issued Wednesday showed …

13-year-olds’ reading, math scores decline to levels not seen since ’70s | K-12 Dive
K-12 Dive
The average math score for 13-year olds — who were in grades 4 and 5 during the start ofCOVID-19 — declined by 9 points between the beginning of …

National Math Scores for 13-Year-Olds Plummet to Decades Low National Review
“Among the lowest-performing students, math scores have returned to levels last seen in 1978 and reading scores were actually lower than when the …

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Hamilton-Jacobi and Schrodinger Separable Solutions of Einstein’s Equations | SpringerLink
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