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Hybrid escape room to dramatically boost student attendance

Hour One’s Hyper-Realistic Avatars: Reshaping the Future of Learning & Development

Today, forward-thinking companies are leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies to design personalized and adaptive learning paths for their employees, …

Navigating the Future of Education: A Glimpse into The World Education Summit

The Summit provides sessions that can be used by educators and schools as part of their professional learning or school improvement plan.

Is this the future of business school learning?

Business schools are filled with educators who cut their teeth on case studies. Invented over 100 years ago at Harvard, these teaching tools are


How to prepare for the future of technology in education – eSchool News

The visibility provided by these solutions is also an important factor in ensuring the security of school networks. As virtual learning grows, schools


Shaping the Future of Higher Education: R2D2 or HAL 9000 | ArentFox Schiff

… teaching and remote learning, among other things, challenges institutions of higher education to think of innovative ways to incorporate
the …

Harnessing the Power of AI in Training and Development | ATD Association for Talent Development
… training and development is its ability to create personalized learning paths for individual learners. … future of workplace learning.
Professionals …

Tech-less teaching methods could alienate tech-savvy Gen Zs – eSchool News eSchool News
Technologies like AR and VR are also rapidly improving, and the launch of Apple Vision Pro has shown that the future of learning is spatial. In …

We used a hybrid escape room to dramatically boost student attendance

The future of hybrid learning in the UK and Middle East. Popular … Three tips for a future of hybrid teaching. An educational escape room is an …

TQRP: A Catalyst for Change and Educational Equity – Yahoo Finance

… future of teaching and learning. The recent culmination of the summer cohort, featuring 80 fellows from diverse backgrounds across 25 Historically


Bill would fund AI training through schools, nonprofits – HR Dive

Hour One’s Hyper-Realistic Avatars: Reshaping the Future of Learning & Development From Hour One. Flight Club’s employee training hits an all-time


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