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A school in Vratsa does not enroll

A school in Vratsa does not enroll students if payment is not made in advance their uniforms
bTV News
Although they are not against school uniforms, parents of fifth graders were shocked by the news that although ranked and accepted, their children would be


Help! My child does not want to go to school: How to sow love in children to learning
Here are some strategies to help cultivate love for
your children’s school Vesti.bg – latest newsfrom Bulgaria and the world, money, …

He graduated from the first graduating class of „Bukvaran“ – the Bulgarian school in
Great Britain
24 hours
Bukvaran“ – the school that teaches Bulgarian language to children in Great Britain, opened 12 years ago and its first graduates are graduating …

A total of 1,509 schools have been approved and will work on the Success for You – Labor project
The schools that will carry out activities aimed at general and additional support for personal development of students from vulnerable groups is 1431, and …

The football players of Innovative Primary School „Petko R. Slaveikov“ – Novinata.bg
Graduates of Innovative Primary School „Petko R. Slaveikov“ – Yambol achieved exceptional success in the final competitions of the School …

Two graduates of the Sports School were awarded by the mayor Pencho Milkov Municipalityruse
„I am extremely happy to have the honor of honoring each one month students from the Sports School. You are not only successful athletes, …

As a teenager, he was kicked out of school 10 times, then turned into one from the most …
Sofia24.bg’s mystery on July 6 is related to an actor who is from the generation of movie heroes who…

Two killed and six injured in Russian shelling of a school – Dnes Today
The attack was carried out on the territory of a local school. During the attack there were 12 people in the school – representatives of the
administration, teachers and

2,100 future first-graders have been admitted to Burgas schools – Vestnik Utro Newspaper Utro
Seventy-fiveare the vacancies in four schools in the „Meden“ complex Rudnik“. These are „Nayden Gerov“ Primary School, „Elin“ Primary School Wormwood“, …

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The Naval Academy’s Warrant Officer College produced the first medical sergeants The Naval Academy’s Warrant Officer College produced the first medical sergeants. 16
cadets from the Professional Senior College at VVMU „N. Y. Vaptsarov“ …

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